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Facts and Figures: Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials

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Why is it so important to use VCT to stop the professional research subject?
Answer- Up to 25% of clinical research subjects attempt multiple simultaneous clinical trial enrollment at phase 1 units. The incidence ranges from 2% to 12% in phase 2-4 clinical trials depending upon the therapeutic indication. This causes serious potential risks to the research subject, the site, and sponsor. This can result in poor data quality, research subject safety issues, and increased time and cost to finish a trial and bring a medicine safely to the market.  It only takes but a few severe complications to cause a possible hold on approval of a study compound, or more importantly a serious health issue for a volunteer.

Why is Verified Clinical Trials a hybrid of both biometrics and IDmetric?
Answer- Biometric devices are utilized by phase 1 units and busy research sites.  The fingerprint biometrics add accuracy and speed.  For large scale multi-site studies Verified Clinical Trials can be IDmetric only.  This allows for rapid startup with reduced cost as well. The ability of Verified Clinical Trials to operate in both modalities makes Verified Clinical Trials the most versatile and widely used application for clinical trials research worldwide.

How long does it take to ‘Verify’ a subject?
Answer- It takes less than thirty seconds to verify a subject.
The research coordinator will be able to verify a subject quickly and easily without delaying the screening process. VCT can be accessed from any computer and used by multiple users simultaneously. This results in potential screening of multiple subjects at one time and improving efficiencies.
VCT is not cumbersome, nor will it slow down enrollment or the screening process.

How large is the VCT network?
Answer- VCT is by far the largest research subject clinical trials database registry to prevent duplicate enrollment and many other protocol violations. The VCT network is expansive covering North America from coast to coast.
The VCT network continues to grow daily and spans the United States and Canada with plans to expand globally. Our current partners include most of the world’s largest and most significant pharmaceutical corporations, the largest and top national and international CROs, and local research centers.

Is VCT GCP AND HIPAA compliant?
Answer- Yes. The information is de-identifed and secure.

Has VCT been Validated and Audited?

Answer- Yes, VCT is validated and received the highest rating for safety and privacy by an independent auditing firm. Verified Clinical Trials has a document and regulatory specialist ensuring the highest quality work that meets and exceeds industry standards.

Is it easy to get started?
Answer- Yes!
Startup is fast & easy. Verified Clinical Trials offers online e-training and online manuals. Training lasts only a few minutes and can be accomplished at any time by users invited to the VCT system.  VCT is able to launch thousands of startups instantly with a simple login and password with unlimited amounts of users.  Verification can be completed via any laptop, iPad, or smartphone giving the site and facility freedom to move about the clinic.