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Who We Are

Verified Clinical Trials was developed by experts in the field that understand the issues and requirements to conduct safe and meaningful clinical research.

Verified Clinical Trials is a revolutionary worldwide clinical trials database registry to prevent dual enrollment in clinical trials. This research subject clinical trials database was created by physicians and clinical trial research professionals with over 50 years experience in the industry. VCT is dedicated to enhance patient safety and improve data quality. Verified Clinical Trials partners with the most relevant pharmaceutical and device trial sponsors, CROs, as well as with the clinical research site to prevent multiple simultaneous trial enrollment by an individual subject thereby improving the quality of data while reducing study related costs.

Driven by years of experience and specialized expertise, Verified Clinical Trials maintains the highest standards for clinical research patient safety and data integrity, creating cost savings and value added services to both sponsor and clinical research site while maintaining patient anonymity and confidentiality using GCP guidelines.