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Stop Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials.

Prevent Several Key Protocol Violations.

Protect Early & Late Phase Trials.

Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) will stop duplicate enrollment in clinical trials. VCT offers a revolutionary process to improve both patient safety and preserve data integrity in clinical research trials. This HIPAA compliant research subject clinical trials database registry is an invaluable tool that utilizes a fingerprint biometrics and ID metric hybrid process to halt simultaneous multiple clinical drug trial enrollment or premature re-enrollment into another study. There are numerous other protocol violations that VCT can detect and prevent PRIOR TO time consuming and costly screenings.

Why Choose Us?

The world’s largest and most relevant companies are partnered with Verified Clinical Trials. Coverage includes early and late phase sites and studies. The great majority of phase 1 units, numerous pharmaceutical sponsors, and CROs utilize VCT everyday to improve the safety and quality of their research trials.

Verified Clinical Trials is a global solution.  Learn how Verified Clinical Trials can protect your trials around the globe.

Verified Clinical Trials is HIPAA compliant and utilizes de-identified Unique Identification Codes to prevent dual enrollment and provide the necessary protections for safety and data quality. Social Security numbers are NOT utilized as part of our verification. Verified Clinical Trials has been fully validated by third party entities and meets the highest quality standards in the industry.

Verified Clinical Trials does not require binding contracts. We are confident that VCT will improve your clinical trial experience.

Verified Clinical Trials offers an array of solutions to ensure safety and compliance. Aside from stopping dual enrollment in clinical trials, Verified Clinical Trials provides several safety checks to reduce protocol deviations to improve the data quality and safety of your trials.

Verified Clinical Trials is web based. Verified Clinical Trials is the only registry available that can function with our without fingerprint biometrics. This provides access to VCT from any device that has internet access. There is no limit to the number of devices or users that can access the VCT system at any time.

Verified Clinical Trials is scalable to reach every research site that conducts research.
Startup is literally instantaneous. With a simple email invitation an unlimited number of users at research sites across the globe have access to our system. VCT offers online e-Training and 24/7 coverage. Verify your volunteers on a laptop computer, smart phone or tablet.
All you need is web access to any device to verify a subject!

Scalability has enabled Verified Clinical Trials to protect both early and late phase trials.

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